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The Lost Snail


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There’s more to strength than physical feats, but in the realm of shonen fiction where fists and swords form the loudest argument, it’s all too easy to overlook steel in subtle forms. The strength to overcome loss and grief and invite new people - broken strays and strangers - into your home. The strength to forgive, shelter and heal the person most responsible for your loss. The strength to endure a lifetime’s worth of tyranny with dignity. And the strength to be your little brother’s entire world. These ladies may not carry spears or guns. Nevertheless, they sustain and topple empires and without them, the story of Gintama wouldn’t be the same. So on today’s Gintaladies segment, we’d like to raise our ichigogyunyuu cartons to the mothers, sisters, and spiritual compasses of this series.

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Haikyuu!! 30 Day Challenge — Favorite Team: Karasuno High School

Haikyuu!! 30 Day Challenge — Favorite Team: Karasuno High School



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